The Art of Chinese Living

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Location Suzhou, China

Date 2016 / 06 / 11 ~ 07 / 10

Husband and Wife Joint Exhibition

“Tang Ao” and “ Inheritance of Tradition”- Architecture and the Art of Chinese Livin ao and Xiang Jen Yao.

Location Beijing, China

Date 2015 / 06 / 28 ~ 08 / 10

The Inheritance of Tradition ~Art of Chinese Living

"The Inheritance of Tradition" is an artful compilation of the culture, traditions, and wisdom of the Chinese heritage.

It represents a new style of literature, combining graphic design, encyclopedic spirit, history, culture, family values, and modern living into one set.Mrs. Yao will share the highlights of her work, guide reading seminars for the public. presentation will be an enlightening and entertaining discovery.

Location Taipei, Taiwan

Date 2014 / 02 / 05 ~ 02 / 10

The Art of Chinese Living

Old things, triggered by new feelings, are internalized into real life experiences, and thus passed on to the future.

Yao Renxiang, a mother who grew up in Taiwan, spent seven years sorting through our cultural assets and living maps to compile and publish a set of illustrated books called Art of Chinese Living, which not only presents Chinese life experiences and philosophies, family dialogues, but also concretely presents the profound meaning of "family" in human life. It also shows us the power of family cohesion and the spirit that everyone can pass on the family, and most precious of all, it makes us understand the modern practice of traditional culture. The 2014 Taipei International Book Exhibition therefore invited Ms. Yao Renxiang to recreate the interest of the book "Passing on the Family" in the exhibition venue. From the rich and wonderful contents of the original book, she has set two main axes of space: the study and the kitchen/dining room, together with her collection of objects and her creation of gift design, graphic design, and lifestyle products design ......, to develop the emotions among family members in a concrete and subtle way, with the intangible cohesion gathered in the tangible space. In order to effectively lay out the atmosphere and aesthetics of "The Family", we have invited the Kashina Space Aesthetics Museum, the Front and Back Elephant Taiwan Heritage Collection to provide modern furniture and precious Taiwanese folklore artifacts, and have collected books related to the theme of "good living" from domestic and international publishers to convey a good living style with both spiritual and material values. We would like to thank them all.

Location Taipei, Taiwan

Date 2014 / 01 / 06 ~ 02 / 13

Taiwan Red is everywhere

Everyone has a special feeling for a certain material that is used in their local area and has local characteristics. In Yilan, Taiwan, there is a famous "Taiwan Red" flower cloth, and we can see it in fabric stores or quilt stores. In recent years, we have seen similar cloths from Sichuan and Yunnan, but with a heavier proportion of green, which breaks up the main axis of red.

The color of "Taiwan Red" is gorgeous and colorful, big red with pink or orange, not only full of lively and joyful, but also retains a delicate and charming look, rarely can you find such a variety of qualities on one piece of fabric. The most ingenious thing is that when it is put together with other things, it does not overwhelm the main character. In the early years, this piece of cloth was wrapped on hats, used on door curtains, and even made into quilts by rural women. "Taiwan Red" cotton is very delicate and malleable, so I like to use it to design gifts. I believe that those who receive the gift will feel familiar and warm. It is because this visual image, which is integrated with people's life, reveals a tacit understanding without words and makes people feel very close. We use her to make bags, lunch bags, towels, shoelaces, lanterns, sandalwood fans, mug covers, teapot covers, lamps, ornaments, and so on, all of which are very practical objects for daily life.This time, through the "Taiwan Red Everywhere" exhibition, I applied it to some ready-made designs, and presented it in different sizes and materials, so that people can think about the infinite design potential she has.

Location Taipei, Taiwan

Date 2013 / 05 / 01 ~ 06 / 30

Xiang Jen Yao's handicraft exhibition "Meet the Beauty in Life"

The exhibition "Encountering the Beauty of Life", invited by Eslite Bookstore, is an exhibition with both artistic quality and aesthetics of life.

While regurgitating the spirit of traditional culture, she presents a vivid essay on life through her handiwork, allowing us to understand the modern practice of traditional culture.

Location Guangzhou, China

Date 2012 / 07 / 26 ~ 07 / 29

Exquisite handicraft, great beauty, heirloom - "Heirloom" series of beautiful objects exhibition

Location Taipai, Taiwan

Date 2011 / 07 / 28 ~ 07 / 30

Ren Xiang Handicraft. Living Creations" Exhibition

In celebration of the successful launch of the book "The Family", Ms. Ren Xiang has been invited by us to combine the art of handicraft, which she has never published for nearly 20 years, with the Louis Vuitton Art Space, combining creative beauty and craftsmanship in jewelry, exquisite taste and fun in everyday life.

The Louis Vuitton Art Space is looking forward to seeing her graphic designs, her lifestyle designs, her designs for food and gifts for different festivals, her jewelry creations influenced by her mother's vision... Louis Vuitton Art Space is looking forward to sharing with you this unique, elegant and gorgeous exhibition "Ren Xiang. Handicraft. Life Creation Exhibition

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